Thursday, April 30, 2009

Tick, Tock, Tick, Tock!

My counter just hit 28 days!! Whoa, life is moving fast. We are moving my stuff into Jonathan's house this weekend which makes things feel so much more real. I'm sad to be leaving my walk-in closet - the good 'ole house is a little limited on storage, but having Jonathan is a good trade-off :) As I was packing up my things a little sadness set in about leaving my roommates. I can't wait to be Jonathan's roommate for life, but I will miss the sweet times I've had with my girls. Here's a little shout out to my roomies and to our great memories....

Mandy Hein. This little blessing came to my small dorm room 2nd semester freshman year. I remember that I taught Mandy how to use my sewing machine one day and after leaving for a weekend I came back to an assortment of handmade creations. I was so proud. She was fun and full of life. I enjoyed ignoring fire drills with her and hiding under our covers at 3am!

Morgan (Smith) Fenoglio. I purposely made Morgan run into a door one time. I'm sorry Morg, let's be honest though - it was a good laugh. We have whistled to each other songs in the dorm showers, gotten addicted to 24, and had pillow talk late into the nights. No one nails my sense of humor like this lady.

Jobi Spencer. My animal lover - Jobi was insistent on having a "pet," so we let her get 2 Guinea Pigs. Both of which I've had allergic reactions too. Jobi always had two things, chocolate/dessert and wedding magazines. I remember late night talks on the couch and tearing apart our kitchen and making it red!

Ashley Goad. I think the first year that Ashley decided to be a clean roommate was when she moved in (Jess can testify) and Jess and I remained a mess! I remember lots of projects and late night movies in the studio and our living room. I remember mangy cat - our homeless kitten. He is still wondering around Waco somewhere.

Jessica Hickey. Still thinking of Mangy. He was a crazy cat - he liked fried chicken. I remember "studying" slash hanging out at the library together. She was the busiest roommate, but so well balanced! We enjoyed the flooded waters of campus together and played hard at Dia! We made a graduation countdown for things we had to do before graduation (many which we didn't complete).

Tess Stevens. Only had 6 months with her before she got married, but Tess prayed for me when I had nightmares and we shared a home group together. I loved staying up late with her and listening to all her hilarious stories!

Kim Ward. Full of life and love. She loves better than anyone I've met. She bakes some awesome desserts and can rap like a gangsta! We've danced together and enjoyed talks between her school work - can't wait for her graduation so soon!

Stacy Breeding. Hilarious late night story telling. No one can tell a story like Miss Breeding. Stac always had something happen that was awkward or just crazy. Again, a 6 month-er but such a blessing for short time.

Andrea Frigolett. Dre and I shared a toothbrush for a whole day. Turned out our dentist gave us the same toothbrush and we got them mixed up. Thanks Dr. Cooper. Dre moved in after living alone for a year and I'm so glad she discovered the many joys of roommates!! I love talking late with Dre, going to church together, and just enjoying our friendship!

NEXT - JONATHAN WADE! Story is TBC (and partly confidential), but it will be great!

If you are reading, please pray for Jonathan and I as we patiently wait for 28 days to pass. The last stretch can be the hardest! Pray for a beautiful wedding day for our outdoor event! And pray for God's blessing on our marriage.