Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Happy ONE YEAR Anniversary to me!!!!

Today is my one year anniversary of being cancer free!!!! Whoaaaaa!!!!! The first 2 years are the most important, and I am 50% through that. Praise God for his provision and protection over this past year. What a blessed season I am in now. See the comparison below....

At this very moment one year ago I was throwing up in a bucket at the hospital. My mom was taking care of me as the anesthesia did not take well and I got very sick. I remember everything hurting from surgery and not being able to hold down water. A nurse finally came in with some medicine that knocked me out for the rest of the night.

Tonight, however, I am safely tucked in bed, having just said goodnight to my fiance a few minutes ago on the phone. I got to enjoy a day outside in the beautiful sunshine and had no worries what-so-ever. I have no job stress (b/c I don't have a job), I'm getting paid by the goverment to search the non-existant job market, and my wedding plans have become smooth sailing. One of my best friends, Ashley, moved closer to Dallas today. I am currently brainstorming my plans for starting my own business. I am purging my junk for a garage sale (which feels so good)! And most importantly in just 72 days I'm getting married!

I would say that year 2009 is already looking significately better than 2008!

Thank you, Jesus, for one year of great health!!!!! Please say a prayer real quick that God would continue to show grace on my life and keep me healthy for another year.

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Ashley said...

Yeah! I love this...i'm so thankful for you and LOVE that God has been so faithful to you this past year! and...i must say...I like that I made it in your blog:)